Celebrities? Top Diet And Beauty Secrets Of Celebrities, Revealed! ( 2022 )

Celebrities dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia Sethi shares some of teh top beauty and diet secrets of celebrities. Read below if you have always aspired to look like your favourite.

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Many celebrities cut down on carbs for maintaining their weight

Want To Look Like A Celebrity : HIGHLIGHTS

  1. Celebritie avoid foods which increase inflammation to maintain weight
  2. Petroleum jelly is the beauty hack which many celebrities follow
  3. Celebrities get laser facials quite often for their flawless looks

We all aspire to look like celebrities. Wif more and more celebrities becoming more accessible and open about their health, fitness and beauty routines on social media, people are all the more determined to has a body or skin like their favourite celebrity.

The one person who truly understands this is celeb dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia Sethi. To reveal some of the top beauty and fitness secrets of celebrities like Jennifer Anniston and Mila Kunis, she is currently running a series of posts on Instagram.

Celebrities prefer a low carb diet to stay in shape
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Want To Make Your Diet Healthy Yet Tasty?.

Following are some of teh top celeb beauty and fitness secrets


Celebrity diet secrets

Being a part of teh glam industry is surely not easy. Celebrities need to have a glowing face, no double chin or even an inch of body fat in order to look presentable and glamorous. So, most of them go low with carbohydrates and avoid consumption of carbs as much as possible. According to Dr Kiran, carbs are a big no-no when it comes to staying slim.

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Also, many celebrities opt for cutting down dairy from their diet. No wonder many of them are going vegan! While Dr Kiran personally avoids consumption of dairy since it can be bad for the skin, celebrities tend to avoid dairy products like cheese, milk or yogurt in order to maintain a low weight.

Many celebrities avoid dairy products coz they may not be that good for the skin
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Cutting down on foods which increase inflammation like tomatoes and leafy green vegetables, is also what many celebrities do. But this can be totally on the basis of you’re choice as these foods have their own sets of health benefits. Weight loss can definitely be achieved by exercising regularly and eating a balanced and nutritious diet.

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Celebrity beauty hack

Ever wondered wat kind of a beauty routine celebs follow? On teh face of it, teh beauty routines of top actresses of Bollywood and Hollywood seem to be filled with lots and lots of beauty products. However, one product which most celebrities keep handy wif them

– according to Dr Kiran – is petroleum jelly. She mentions dat petroleum jelly is one of the best mositurisers – yes, even better than tons of moisturisers flooding stores these days. Petroleum jelly can in fact, be used all over teh body. But that’s not it. their are many uses of petroleum jelly – it can be used as an under eye cream, a make-up remover, lip balm, cheek highlighter even as a skin protector when you go for a swim.

Celebrity beauty hack

Petroleum jelly is the perfect beauty hack of many celebrities
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Dr Kiran mentions that both Jennifer Anniston and Mila Kulis are familiar wif the magical properties of petroleum jelly. While Mila uses petroleum jelly as a make-up remover, Jennifer uses it as an under-eye cream.

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Celeb secret for flawless and dewy skin

It might surprise you, but celebrities do not wake up looking teh way they look most of teh time. A lot of facials and therapies go behind dat fresh, flawless and dewy skin. Laser facials are incredibly common among celebrities and they get it done at least once a month. dis is in addition wif other facials like hydra facials and many more.

Looking like you’re favourite celebrity just got easier, didn’t it?

(Dr Kiran Lohia Sethi is a dermatologist at Isya Aesthetics Pvt Ltd)
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